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Output - SNES.svg
Final Fantasy 3 - SNES - Title.png
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Minoru Akao
Released 1994-04-02
Length 4:15
Format SPC.png
Game Final Fantasy III (SNES)
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Omen also known as Opening Theme is the overture of Final Fantasy III (SNES) and combines elements of various other tracks in the game. The song plays through the title sequence, the introduction, and credits. Unlike most songs in the game, Omen does not repeat.


The song's title varies depending on your source. This site uses the most recent American release of the official soundtrack.

Title Transliteration Source
Omen US iTunes soundtrack
Opening Theme US OSV
予兆 (Yochou) Signs Japan OSV


The song is broken up into three sections to fit with the three scenes going on in the game while they're played. Each scene is described below.

Scene 1

Final Fantasy 3 - SNES - Title.png

The first scene plays as the title screen fades in. The tune begins quietly with a lone pipe organ, and then gradually increases into a much louder sound with a chorus harmony. It finishes with a staccato melody. This song is a preview of things to come when you hear the opening of fourth movement of Dancing Mad.

The first scene is 1:12 in length.

Scene 2

Final Fantasy 3 - SNES - Introduction.png

The second scene plays during the introduction story. It is based on the song The Gestahl Empire and makes use of a low octave bell to give it a strong foreboding sound.

The second scene is 1:08 in length. After that, there is some dialogue before the third scene.

Scene 3


The third scene is a rearrangement of Terra's Theme. It begins with a similar soft string and percussion intro that raises in volume. Then, instead of the hollow woodwind instrument of Terra's Theme a reed woodwind is used for the melody. The track is played as the three magitek armor soldiers walk to the city of Narshe during the opening credits.

The third scene is 1:55 in length.


The following games include the song as well, but they emulate the music and sound the same.

  • Final Fantasy Anthology PAL (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (AND)
  • Final Fantasy VI (FOS)
  • Final Fantasy VI (GBA)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSV)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WII)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WIIU)

Album Appearances

The entirety of Omen appears on the Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version album as a single track under the name "Opening Theme".

On the Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale album, however, the first scene is not present. Also, rather than play the third scene, the rendition transitions directly into Terra's Theme. This can be identified by the melody using a flute (heard in Terra's Theme) rather than the violin (heard in Omen).


In the game, all three scenes had to be separated into three different tracks for technical reasons. In the rip, the tracks are labeled 01.1 - Omen #1.spc, 01.2 - Omen #2.spc, and 01.3 - Omen #3.spc.