Odyssey Software

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Odyssey Software
Founded 1987
Closed 1995
Headquarters Eastham, Massachusetts, USA

Odyssey Software was a US game developer that produced games for the Commodore Amiga and unlicensed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The company was founded by Art V. Cestaro III. According to Art, Nintendo had already given out all of their licenses so Odyssey had no other choice but to make unlicensed games. The company only made eight games and all of their NES games were published by American Video Entertainment. Odyssey developed three other games for the NES; Backgammon, Cue Stick, and Poker, but they were never released since Odyssey went out of business. Cue Stick may have been the later-discovered Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge (NES).


Music Development


Mike Smith was the only composer to compose music for Odyssey's NES games. Mike would compose MIDI files on his keyboard, which would then be converted to Odyssey's sound driver written by George Rucker. Art Cestaro would tell Mike Smith what kind of music he'd want in each game.

In the game Moon Ranger, Mike Smith used Color Dreams' sound driver written by Dan Lawton, in which the music was written in Music Macro Language. It is unknown if Mike or the other audio staff at Odyssey actually used this driver, or if the music was handed over to Color Dreams' audio team to convert.

Audio Personnel