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Newsfield Publications Ltd
Founded 1983
Closed 1991
Headquarters Ludlow, Shropshire, England

Newsfield Publications was an English publisher of computer game magazines:

  • ZZAP! 64 (monthly 1985–1991): Commodore 64 (later Amiga) reviews, interviews, and occasionally games on tape.

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Audio Personnel

In the April 1986 issue, ZZAP! reported on a game called Mindsmear; the next issue, they revealed making an April Fools' joke. Despite Mindsmear never existing, ZZAP! did turn it into a music competition for hobbyists, held from June 12 to July 10. The judges were Rachel Davis of Melbourne House, Richard Joseph of Palace Software, ZZAP! editor Gary Penn, and contestants included teenagers Anthony Lees, Barry Leitch, Jonathan Dunn and Neil Baldwin. Leitch stated in 1997 that all judges preferred his submissions, but let Lees win for submitting around 20 songs (at least three of which he released). ZZAP! writer Julian Rignall put Lees' name around, and System 3 founder Mark Cale commissioned Lees for The Last Ninja (C64).

Martin Walker scored Dominion (C64).