New Ghostbusters II (NES)

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New Ghostbusters II
New Ghostbusters II - NES - UK.jpg
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1990
Developer: HAL Laboratory
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New Ghostbusters II is the third Ghostbusters game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and a tie-in to the film sequel of the same name. This time around, the Ghostbusters are forced to take on the evil Prince Vigo, who intends to reincarnate and take over the world at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day... hey, wait a second, why does that sound so familiar?

The film's producers were apparently unhappy enough with the quality of Ghostbusters II (NES) that they commissioned this entirely new version for European and Japanese audiences (an American release was planned, but abandoned for some reason). While this was an odd move considering that the earlier game wasn't entirely terrible, it's certainly not an unwelcome one, as this is by far and away the best of the three NES Ghostbusters games. This time around it's a top-down shooter, putting the players in command of two of the five (yes, five; Louis Tully is a playable character in this game) Ghostbusters as they stop Vigo's dastardly plan. The only real frustration comes from the ghost-catching mechanic being a bit finicky, but for the most part that's a pretty minor annoyance in an otherwise very solid game.


New Ghostbusters II - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

New Ghostbusters II - NES - Character Select.png

Choosing your Ghostbusting team, with Louis now playable too.

New Ghostbusters II - NES - Slimer.png

Giving Slimer a first-hand demonstration of your Proton Pack.

New Ghostbusters II - NES - Arrow.png

If you get lost in the level, this arrow helpfully directs you.

New Ghostbusters II - NES - Bathroom.png

If there's something strange in the bathroom, who ya gonna call?

New Ghostbusters II - NES - Scoleri Brothers.png

The game's first bosses, the Scoleri Brothers.


With this game, we finally get away from constantly using the Ghostbusters theme as the in-game music, as this time around it's only used for the title screen and end credits. The rest of the game's music is original, and will feel very familiar to anyone who's heard Jun Ishikawa's work on the Kirby series. Like the rest of the game, the music is a big improvement over the earlier two Ghostbusters games, starting out as more fun and melodic, before taking a darker turn in the game's latter levels.

There's a single, short unused track, possibly an early version of the "Game Over" theme.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Ghostbusters Theme Ray Parker Jr.Jun Ishikawa 2:10
02 Player Select Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:30
03 Courtroom Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 1:22
04 Subway Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 1:36
05 Apartment Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 1:33
06 Cutscene 1 Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:31
07 River of Slime Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 1:49
08 Museum Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 2:00
09 Boss Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 3:21
10 Round Clear Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:04
11 Cutscene 2 Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:36
12 Final Battle Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 1:00
13 Game Over Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:04
14 Unused Song Jun IshikawaJun Ishikawa 0:01



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New Ghostbusters II - NES - UK.jpg
Title: New Ghostbusters II
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-12-26
Publisher: HAL Laboratory, Inc.