Neil Voss

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Neil D. Voss
Born 1974-10-07
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, USA
Nationality American   USA.svg

Neil Voss is an American music composer who wrote music for a few video game over the years.

Neil started off by composing music on his Commodore 64 at age 12. He became fascinated with it and continued to make Commodore 64 music. He then became an underground electronic music developer, but then he saw his friends who compose music work for game companies so he applied for a job at H2O. After leaving H2O, he founded Voss Audio. Aside from composing music, Neil also does graphic and web designing.

Music Development


Neil used Fasttracker II.


Released Title Sample
1997-08-11 Tetrisphere (N64)
1999-07-31 The New Tetris (N64)
2004-12-17 Racing Gears Advance (GBA)