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Player - NSFPlay.png
Creator Brezza, rainwarrior
Released 2006-12-09
Platform Winamp, Windows
Website rainwarrior.ca/projects/nsfplay

NSFPlay is a full-featured open source NSF and NSFE player distributed as a standalone Windows program and a Winamp plugin. It supports all of the original and extended NES chips, allows for high-levels of modification and filters for each, has a debugger, a keyboard viewer, and has a WAV logger.

NSFPlay was originally created by Brezza but he stopped working on it in 2006, and work was continued by rainwarrior who increased it's capabilities and gave it NSFE support. A further update was made by Patashu who gave the program a visualization called Synthesia.


Version Download Platform Notes
2.3 Download - (info) Winamp, Windows Includes source.