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Platform: NES
Year: 1989
Developer: Rare Coin-It, Inc.
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NARC is a home console port of the hit arcade game. Player 1 takes the role of Max Force (blue cop) and player 2 takes the role of Hit Man (red cop). Max and Hit's goal is to stop drug dealers and the notorious Mr. Big, who is responsible for all of the drug dealers. The game was pretty violent for a Nintendo game; there's blood and when you shoot people with bombs, their body parts scatter all over the place. The game's subtitle was, "No one had the guts... until now." Because of Nintendo of America's censorship policy, the blood on the cover art was changed to yellow in the NES version.

The NES version of NARC received all kinds of reception from critics from bad to positive. Some criticized the game for the player character(s) moving at a sluggish pace, the subpar graphics, as well as the repetitive sound from your gun firing bullets. Others praised it for its fluid control and music.



The title screen.


Blowing up baddies in stage 1, the junkyard.


Battling Mr. Big's true form.

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NARC for the NES borrows its soundtrack from the original arcade version by Brian Schmidt. The original arcade game featured fast-paced heavy guitar tunes. Of course, the quality was considerably scaled down to work with the NES's 2A03. The NES version's music was arranged by Rare's in-house composer David Wise, who had to learn the music by ear. As a result, a few notes here and there are missing, but are mostly accurate arrangements, considering the drop in quality of the NES compared to the arcade. Only four of the songs from the arcade original were carried over, possibly due to time constraints. One of the songs is a variant of the track In-Game 4, but with the noise channel playing along to the square waves. This may have been intended for the final boss, Mr. Big, in which the used version plays.

David Wise wrote the music in hexadecimal, similar to how music was written in the arcade version. He used Mark Betteridge's version of the sound driver which was originally created by Chris Stamper.

The arcade version's music test gives the official names of a few of its songs. According to Schmidt, Marc LoCascio, the other composer of the arcade version, only worked on the NARC Rap which was not ported to the NES, most likely due to its use of digitized voices. In 2021, the arcade game's source code was released. In-Game 4 is titled in the source code as mr. big is tune.


# Title ComposerArrangerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 The "Stick" Brian SchmidtDavid WiseChris Stamper, Mark Betteridge 3:33
02 NARC Theme Brian SchmidtDavid WiseChris Stamper, Mark Betteridge 3:08
03 Driving Music (Spy Type Music for NARC) Brian SchmidtDavid WiseChris Stamper, Mark Betteridge 2:40
04 Mr. Big Is Tune Brian SchmidtDavid WiseChris Stamper, Mark Betteridge 2:09
05 Unknown Brian SchmidtDavid WiseChris Stamper, Mark Betteridge 2:09



(Source: Brian Schmidt's Official Gameography, Arcade, Verified by David Wise, game lacks credits)

Like most of Rare's NES game, this one lacks credits. This was due to the company's staff getting many job offers for other companies. We have contacted David Wise who confirmed working on the arrangements for the NES version. According to Wise, Chris Stamper wrote the first version of the NES sound driver which was later updated by Mark Betteridge.

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Title: NARC
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-08-??
Publisher: Acclaim Ltd.