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Namco 163
Namco 163.jpg
Developer: Namco
Released: 1988-04-05
Type: Chip

1.) Wave Table
2.) Wave Table
3.) Wave Table
4.) Wave Table
5.) Wave Table
6.) Wave Table
7.) Wave Table
8.) Wave Table

The NAMCO163 chip (also known as the NAMCO106) chip was an expansion sound chip for the Nintendo Famicom. The chip would allow eight wave table synthesis channels, much like the previous FDS channel. Only Tsukasa Masuko's driver used all eight channels, but Arc System Works was the first company to use the technology, which used four channels. Ironically, even though Namco developed Nintendo games, they never used this chip themselves and instead only published the titles which used the chip. Unfortunately, expansion chips weren't released on any US and Europe consoles, so western gamers weren't able to hear it.


Released Title Sample Developer
1988-04-05 Dokuganryu Masamune (FC) (独眼竜政宗) Nova
1988-07-29 San Goku Shi: Chuugen no Hasha (FC) (三国志 中原の覇者) TOSE
1988-08-12 Final Lap (FC) (ファイナルラップ)
Arc System Works
1988-12-09 King of Kings (FC) (キングオブキングス) Atlus
1989-02-17 Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha (FC) (ハイドライド3 闇からの訪問者) T&E Soft
1989-03-17 Rolling Thunder (NES) (ローリングサンダー)

(Japanese version only)
Arc System Works
1989-12-22 Mappy Kids (FC) (マッピーキッズ) Arc System Works
1990-04-06 Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei II (FC) (デジタルデビル物語 女神転生Ⅱ) Atlus
1991-07-19 Family Circuit '91 (FC) (ファミリーサーキット’91) Included, but not used. Namco
1992-03-13 Namco Classic II (FC) (ナムコットクラシックⅡ) TOSE
1992-06-10 San Goku Shi II: Haou no Tairiku (FC) (三国志Ⅱ 覇王の大陸) TOSE
1992-12-08 Wagyan Land 3 (FC) (ワギャンランド3) Namco

Emulation Status

Most quality NES emulators and NSF players support NAMCO163 emulation. FamiTracker also emulates the chip.