Mt. Koltz

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Mt. Koltz
Output - SNES.svg
Final Fantasy 6 - SNES - Mt. Koltz.png
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Minoru Akao
Released 1994-04-02
Length 1:06
Format SPC.png
Game Final Fantasy III (SNES)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Mt. Koltz plays all through the journey up the mountain and through its various caves. It also plays in Mt. Zozo and Duncan's house in the World of Ruin. It is an intense song with a broad feel.


The song's title varies depending on your source. This site uses the most recent American release of the official soundtrack.

Title Transliteration Source
Mt. Koltz US iTunes soundtrack
Mt. Coltz US OSV
霊峰コルツ (Reiho Korutsu) Sacred Mountain Koltz Japan OSV

Album Appearances

The song appears on the Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version album.

Sheet Music