Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32)

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Minecraft Note Block Studio
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2012
Developer: David "Davve" Norgren
This page is about music in this NBS player. For the program for creating music, see Minecraft Note Block Studio.

Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32) is a program for creating music usable in the game Minecraft. The program creates music in MIDI and NBS formats, although it can only play music in the NBS format.


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The most tracks are non-video game music created from 1958 to 2010, Norgren and arrangers used it without permission frоm any authors of original music, even all of them but Freddie Mercury and Kurt Kobain are still alive. The leader of it is Queen - four tracks are its songs. But there are some exceptions of this rule - Sweden was taken from Minecraft (this is very strange, because the main objective of this program is creating music for Minecraft note blocks, but this song is also in this game yet), Tetris B Theme - from Tetris, Super Mario Bros. 3: Athletic - from Super Mario Bros. 3, Terraria Theme - from Terraria, Positive Force and Pushing Onwards - from VVVVVV, Song of storms - from various Zelda games - also without the permission, the tune Korobeiniki is in the public domain, because it is a folk song created between 1861 and 1898, Turkish March - also, because Mozart died in 1791.


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Here is the list of standard music, placed in the subfolder of the program.

The tracks are placed here in alphabetic order of the actual files, the music doesn't loop.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 A Kind of Magic QueenHigaphix 3:55
02 All Star Smash MouthKruga 0:00 Download
03 Bohemian Rhapsody QueenLucky Cobra 5:31
04 Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsenlicko2 0:00 Download
05 Cara Mia Mike MoraskyDoirdyn 0:00 Download
06 Comptine D'un Autre Été Yann TiersenYourWorstNightmare 0:00 Download
07 DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love Usher Terrence Raymond IV, Armando Christian PérezPetraller 0:00 Download
08 Don't Stop Me Now QueenJaxl089 0:00 Download
09 Every Little Earthquake Little BootsIcy Wind 0:00 Download
10 Fireflies Owl CityPetraller 0:00 Download
11 Friday Rebecca BlacksabasNL 0:00 Download
12 Gangnam Style Park Jae-sangPetraller 0:00 Download
13 Get Ready For This 2 UnlimitedKruga 0:00 Download
14 Hammer to Fall QueenHigaphix 3:03
15 He's a Pirate Klaus Badelt, Hans ZimmerKruga 0:00 Download
16 Hold The Line TotoHigaphix 0:00 Download
17 The Raiders March John WilliamsTweelix 0:00 Download
18 It's My Life Bon JoviPetraller 0:00 Download
19 Johnny B. Goode Chuck BerryCheetoS 0:00 Download
20 Nothing Else Matters MetallicaCheabman97 0:00 Download
21 Nyan Cat Theme DaniwellPKruga 0:00 Download
22 Pokémon Center Theme UnknownLucario 0:00 Download
23 Popcorn Gershon KingsleyMrMassacre8 0:00 Download
24 Positive Force Magnus PalssonPetraller 0:00 Download
25 Pushing Onwards Magnus PalssonPetraller 0:00 Download
26 Remedy Little BootsIcy Wind 0:00 Download
27 Smells Like Teen Spirit NirvanaInimitable 0:00 Download
28 Song of Storms TraditionalDeathAwaits93 0:00 Download
29 Athletic Koji KondospencII 0:00 Download
30 Sweden Daniel RosenfeldPetraller 0:00 Download
31 Terraria Theme Scott Lloyd ShelleyMusical Wolfe 0:00 Download
32 Korobeiniki TraditionalHirokazu Tanaka, Fluffy25656 1:17
33 Music 2 - Tetris (NES) Hirokazu TanakaFluffy25656 0:00 Download
34 The Edge of Glory Lady GagaAlstor 0:00 Download
35 Turkish March Wolfgang Amadeus MozartYuhhaur 0:00 Download
36 Vanilla Twilight Owl CityPetraller 0:00 Download
37 What Is Love Nestor Alexander Haddawayanother259 0:00 Download
38 What I've Done Linkin ParkMTGHunter 0:00 Download


(Sources: 1, 2, 3, 19, 32, 33, 35, 36)

The authors of the original songs usually appears when you play the song.

Game Rip




NBS.png OGG.png




The native NBS files are in the one of the game sub-folders, so ripping it is only placing it in the ZIP file.

MIDI rip also has been created because this player can also convert NBS to MIDI. The sounding NBS and MIDI files is different, but the program can't play MIDI files, so I don't bother to make additional MIDI recording - if you want to hear it, just load rip and play MIDI files, as the programs recording it are very common.

This program also use OGG files for instruments from original Minecraft, and NBS files are designed to use it when creating music. So, OGG files are also contained in the game rip.


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This game is missing releases.