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| PlatformPage    = Commodore 64
| PlatformPage    = Commodore 64
| Year            = 1986
| Year            = 1986
| DeveloperName  = Probe Entertainment
| DeveloperName  = Probe Software
| DeveloperPage  = Probe
| DeveloperPage  = Probe
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Metro-Cross - USA.jpg
Platform: C64
Year: 1986
Developer: Probe Software

Metro-Cross didn't see a lot of ports, but it made it onto the Commodore 64. The C64 version of Metro-Cross was by Probe Entertainment, a company with a bad reputation for developing rushed movie-licensed titles. The computer ports of Metro-Cross are also known for having some of the worst cover art in the history of games. The controls are also pretty wonky; A and Z move your guy up and down, space jumps, and the period key accelerates him. The controls can take some getting used to.

The Commodore 64 version of Metro-Cross was done by Brian O'Shaughnessy, Fergus McGovern, and Vakis Paraskeva.


Metro-Cross - C64 - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Metro-Cross - C64 - Ready Yourself.png

I'm hyped to play this! You bet I'm ready!

Metro-Cross - C64 - Goal In.png

I beat the first level!

Metro-Cross - C64 - Death.png

That's quite a cruel punishment for running out of time!


The game's music is from the arcade game which was composed by Nobuyuki Ohnogi. Someone at Probe converted the music to the SID chip. The game lacks credits, but the high score screen credits the first names of the Probe staff. The founder of Probe, Fergus McGovern said he doesn't recall who did the audio conversion, but it was most likely the programmer. Brian is one of the names in the high scores which is Brian O'Shaughnessy. The order of the tracks come from the SID file.








01 Ready Yourself Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:03
02 Main Theme Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 1:47
03 Goal In Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:02
04 Time Bonus Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:08
05 Death Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:04
06 Your Time Is Up Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:04
07 Main Menu Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:10
08 Enter Your Name Nobuyuki Ohnogi Brian O'Shaughnessy 0:10


(High score screen; Game lacks credits.)


  USA.svg   USA
Metro-Cross - USA.jpg
Title: Metro-Cross
Platform: C64
Released: 1987/??/??
Publisher: U.S. Gold, Ltd.
  EU.svg   EU
Metro-Cross - C64 - EU.jpg
Title: Metro-Cross
Platform: C64
Released: 1987/??/??
Publisher: Namco, Ltd.