MegaRace (DOS)

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Megarace cover.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1993
Developer: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
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MegaRace is a vehicular racing game that takes place wholly in virtual reality. Starring you as the Enforcer and Lance Boyle as your host, you are pitted against speed gangs on virtual racetracks in a fight to the (virtual) death.


Megarace title.png

The title screen.

Megarace screenshot 1.png


Megarace screenshot 2.png

Vehicle selection.

Megarace screenshot 3.png

More racing.

Megarace screenshot 4.png

Lance Boyle, our fabulous host.


This is the AdLib version of the music. The titles are from the areas in which they are played.

Filename meanings

While NewSan and Maeva's music files have the same names as the racetracks that they play in, the other filenames are much more cryptic. For example, Factory Land's music is called "DETRITUS" in the game's files. Detritus is a synonym for debris, which is fitting for Factory Land's wasteland environment.

According to the composer, Stéphane Picq, the "PAGA" filename is in reference to the Progressive Jazz Rock band "Paga Group", headed by bassist Bernard Paganotti, which served as inspiration for the "Skyholder" track. "Lenny" is in reference to singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz. "ALARME" (french for alarm) is in reference to the song's alarm-like melody, which is suppose to be reminiscent of a car alarm.


This soundtrack to MegaRace was recorded on a geniune Yamaha YMF262 enabled sound card.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 NewSan Stéphane Picq 2:58
02 Maeva Stéphane Picq 2:38
03 Factory Land Stéphane Picq 0:00 Download
04 Skyholder Stéphane Picq 3:20
05 Fractalian Space Stéphane Picq 0:00 Download
06 Terminal City Stéphane Picq 0:00 Download



Game Rip



HSQ.png SDB.png VOC.png



The game rip consists of:

  • Original compressed game music files (HSQ)
  • Decompressed game music (SDB) using UNHSQ utility
  • Decompressed sounds (VOC)
  • Decompressed driver files for the SDB files.

Audio Devices

For sound devices, the game supports AdLib, Sound Blaster, and Sound Blaster Pro.


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster Pro.png


Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster Pro.png


Issue - Releases.svg

This game is missing releases.