Mean (Ain't No Hip-Hop in Tha House Mix)

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Mean (Ain't No Hip-Hop in Tha House Mix)
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Age of Empires Expansion - W32 - Mean Ain't No Hip-Hop in Tha House Mix.png
Composer David Rippy
Arranger David Rippy, Stephen Rippy
Released 1998-10-31
Game Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome (W32)
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Mean (Ain't No Hip-Hop in Tha House Mix) is one of the 10 different songs that are played during a regular game. It is the fifth track that is played. The tracks are played in sequence starting from Tango Alpha Bravo and ending with Bigelow's Bungalow, at which point the list starts over from the beginning.

The track was composed by David Rippy, but since he had moved over to game design he didn't quite have the time to finish the track. As such, Stephen Rippy took over the track and finished it. He subtitled his version of the song as "Ain't No Hip-Hop in Tha House Mix".

The equipment used in the creation was a Boss DSS-330 synthesizer and an E-mu ESI-32 sampler. Finally, the mixing and editing was done using SoundForge. A MIDI version of the song was also composed in Cakewalk that was used when the game CD wasn't in your CD drive. It was also used in the demo version of the game.

The song title has been confirmed by Stephen Rippy.