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Martin Simpson
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Martin Simpson is a British programmer and composer who worked for Argonaut Games. He usually worked with Justin Scharvona. He was originally a music producer for David Whittaker before joining Argonaut in 1992.

Music Development


Simpson created MIDI files and it was converted to his own version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1992-06-?? Space Football: One on One (SNES) (スーパーリニアボール) Sound
1992-11-27 GunForce (SNES) (ガンフォース) Sound Driver
1992-11-27 King Arthur's World (SNES) With Justin Scharvona.
1994-06-?? The Ren & Stimpy Show: Fire Dogs (SNES) With Martin Gwynn Jones and Justin Scharvona.
1994-09-?? Vortex (SNES) Audio Technology
1994-12-?? Creature Shock (DOS) Music Programming
1995-03-01 FX Fighter (DOS) Sound Coding
1995-11-?? Scooby-Doo Mystery (SNES) With Martin Gwynn Jones.
1996-07-31 Manic Karts (W32) With Joe Bruce, Duncan Morrison, and Jon Stuart.
1997-11-?? Formula Karts: Special Edition (PS1) With Jon Stuart and Pippa Philips.