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Output - SID.svg
Mechanicus - C64 - Credits.png
Composer Markus Müller
Arranger Markus Müller
Programmer Andras Molnar
Released 1991-09-??
Length 3:03.86
BPM 125
Format SID.png
Game Mechanicus (C64)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Main Menu plays to the main menu and the level loader of Mechanicus (C64) and the preview screen of the demo version.

The driver outputs the song to the SID chip and was recorded from the main menu in VICE 3.2 with the model 6581 (ReSID) and the filter bias 375, although it is unconfirmed how close it is to what the arranger heard. It is track 3 in the rip.


The song is upbeat and uses so many directed dynamics like pitch bends, vibratos and fill-ins that, even despite the slightly chippy instruments, it sounds like performed by a real rock band.

The lead is played by two modulated pulse waves, distorted by a band-pass filter. During the short riff, both have a very similar pitch to create a chorus effect. In the middle section, the lower one makes room for a rhythmic background phrase.

The bass and drums are on the same channel. While the drums are output, the bass is technically muted, but due to the short sound of the bass drum and the rapid switch to the bass, the human ear is tricked to hear both at the same time.

The 29 seconds intro is often compared to Rock Garden from Tyrian (DOS), whose driver was also programmed by Molnar. After that, Rock Garden changes to new solos and transposes.