Mad Max (NES)

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Mad Max
Platform: NES
Year: 1991
Developer: Gray Matter, Inc.
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Mad Max is a movie based game very loosely based on the second Mad Max movie in the series, The Road Warrior. Though the game was designed by Chris Gray Enterprises, it was all developed by Mindscape. The player starts in Max's Pursuit Special and must explore caves to get food and water to trade for an arena pass. After the player has obtained an arena pass from the shop, they must look around the wasteland for the arena without running out of fuel. When the player falls down a pit, gets killed or runs out of fuel, the game is over and the player must start all the way back from the beginning of the level. While there is a password for the third and final arena level, it is useless because you will not have enough crossbow arrows to kill the final boss, even if each and every one hits him. The only way to get enough crossbow ammunition is to explore level 3's caves. The game also bears a resemblance to the computer game Road Raiders.

According to one of the game testers Chris Pico, three people were given a Famicom with an unfinished version of the game to take home with them for a short amount of time. When they returned the Famicom and game, they were asked their opinion on the game. Two of the testers said the game was good, but Chris said he thought it was bad and what they could do to make the game better. The developers acted interested, but in the end, they didn't listen to him.



The title screen.


Enter password for more? More what?


Battling cars and other obstacles in the desert.


Max in the cave looking for food and water to trade in for an arena pass. Unfortunately for Max, some other people don't approve...


One of the few game over messages you will get.


Probably the worst game ending ever.


Unfortunately, there are only two songs in the game. One is a song that plays at the title screen, the caves and during the final boss battle and an EXTREMELY annoying 2-second loop song that plays when you die or enter the arena. For unknown reasons, the music has been tuned a little sharp. The game's manual has a long list of people in Special Thanks who playtested the game, but no actual credits. Since Nick Eastridge is known to compose the NES version of Paperboy which was also developed by Mindscape and also uses the same audio driver, the music is credited to Nick. Plus, he is the only known composer to work for Mindscape then.


Issue - Timing.svg

There are issues with the timing of this recording.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title UnknownNick Eastridge 2:24
02 Death UnknownNick Eastridge 0:12


(Source missing, game lacks credits)

The game uses Nick Eastridge's sound engine like all the other Mindscape-developed games, but it is unknown who wrote the music. If the music is from the movie, Nick Eastridge worked on the game, but if the song was an original composition, then it is unknown who composed it. Eastridge was not a composer, but only an arranger and sound programmer. It is possible he did compose the second song because of its lack of quality.

Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.







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Title: Mad Max
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-07-??
Publisher: Mindscape Inc.