Locomotion Theme

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Locomotion Theme
Composer Matthias Steinwachs
Released 1992-0?-??
Title Origin Game Location

The Locomotion Theme plays to many screens of Kingsoft's game Locomotion. The Amiga version of the game was programmed by its designer, André Wüthrich, so the music may have originated on the Amiga as well. Matthias Steinwachs should be contacted to verify this and to see if the song has an official title.


The music begins with a nice train track beat before the melody begins.


Locomotion: Kingsoft (AMI)

Platform - AMI.png
Locomotion: Kingsoft (AMI)
Output - Paula.svg
Locomotion - Kingsoft - AMI - Main Menu.png
Arranger Matthias Steinwachs
Programmer Armin Sander
Released 1992-0?-??
Length 4:18.23
BPM 0:00.00: 81
2:33.76: down
2:48.87: 52 and up
3:13.18: 81
Format OKT
Loops Yes

Locomotion Theme plays right away. After you click Start in the game selection or Editor in the main menu, the screen fades out and then the music. It restarts as the respective screen fades in again.

The filename is FX/Titletune.okt. The song was recorded in WinUAE 4.3.0.

Locomotion: Kingsoft (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Locomotion: Kingsoft (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Locomotion - Kingsoft - C64 - Main Menu.png
Arranger Zsolt Szabó
Programmer Andras Molnar
Released 1992-0?-??
Length 4:58.78
BPM 167
Format SID
Loops Yes

Once "KINGSOFT PRESENTS" has faded in, Locomotion Theme starts. It pauses upon disk access and when the board is seen, and resumes afterwards.

This is more of a remix than a conversion. The used software, Advanced Music Programmer V2.3, does not support tempo changes. However, new transposes and half-time drums make up. Szabó also composed new bridges, some of which sound suspenseful, as if to convey the work of switching tracks to ensure one happy train run after another. There are no train sounds anymore.

The bass constantly switches between two low-pass filters which sound different on every SID chip. The song was recorded in VICE 3.2 with 6581 (ReSID) and a bias of 300, though how close it is to what Szabó heard is unconfirmed.

Locomotion: Kingsoft (AST)

Platform - AST.png
Locomotion: Kingsoft (AST)
Output - SSG.svg
Locomotion - Kingsoft - AST - Title.png
Arranger Gunnar Gaubatz
Programmer Gunnar Gaubatz
Released 1992-??-??
Length 4:11.52
BPM 0:00.00: 83
2:29.76: down
2:44.48: 54 and up
3:08.16: 83
Format SNDH
Loops Yes

Locomotion Theme plays right away. Once the quiz (after the title picture) has faded out, the music suddenly stops for unknown reasons and the main menu fades in.

The conversion stays true to the Amiga composition. Only the guitar and hi-hats have been replaced by arpeggios between drums.

The filename is FX\LOCO.IMG. The song was recorded in Hatari v2.2.1.

Locomotion (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Locomotion (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Locomotion - DOS - Title.png
Arranger Matthias Steinwachs
Programmer Ad Lib, Tracy Harton
Released 1992-??-??
Length 3:17.84
BPM 0:00.00: 45 and up
0:15.75: 83
2:23.74: down
2:34.57: 52 and up
2:58.36: 83
Format ROL
Loops No

After "KINGSOFT PRESENTS A GAME BY PRESTIGE SOFTWAREENTWICKLUNG GmbH", the title picture fades in, then Locomotion Theme plays. Once it ends or you press a key, it's quiet and the picture fades out.

The arrangement changed a bit. The intro now speeds up, tempo changes are supported by chromatic scales, and new backing tracks and chords were composed. The train whistle and a few repetitions near the end are gone. All used OPL2 instruments are unique creations.

The drivers are Ad Lib's sound driver V1.51 and PlayROL. The game accidentally cuts a few tracks, most audibly at 0:09, 0:36, 0:55 and 1:05. Fortunately, a gamer can fix this by entering:

sound b4a2e

before starting the game. The song was recorded that way from a Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740.