Li Meng

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Li Meng
Local 李 萌
Born 19??
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Chinese   China.svg

Li Meng is a Chinese composer and sound designer. He mainly worked at Dragon Co. and even worked of Waixing.

Music Development


For early Waixing games, he probably used Han Li's sound engine, for The Lion King V, he used Sunsoft sound engine. For later Waixing games and Dragon Co. games, he used a reverse-engineered Konami (Super Contra) sound engine. It is unknown if he or another programmer reverse engineered their sound engine.


Note: The listed International Cricket game is not same game which made by Beam Software, this is a pirate port of the Brian Lara Cricket from the Sega Genesis.

Released Title Sample
Unknown Gaau Hok Gwong Cheung (NES)
Unknown Hong Lou Meng - Dream of Red Mansions (NES)
Unknown Luan Shi San Guo - Troubled Three (NES)
Unknown Panda Baby (NES)
1996-??-?? The Lion King III: Timon & Pumbaa (NES)
1996-??-?? Tom and Jerry 3 (NES)
1996-??-?? Wai Xing Zhan Shi - Phantasy Star IV (NES)
1996-??-?? Da Hang Hai VII - Uncharted Waters VII (NES)
1996-??-?? Shang Hai Da Heng - Shanghai Tycoon (NES)
1997-??-?? Wait and See! (NES)
1997-??-?? Bao Xiao Tien Guo - Explosion Sangokushi (NES)
1997-??-?? Ling Jie Hu Fa - Shock (NES)
1998-??-?? The Lion King V: Timon & Pumbaa (NES)
1998-??-?? Felix the Cat: Dragon Co. (NES)
1999-??-?? International Cricket (NES)
2001-??-?? Golden Axe (NES)
2001-??-?? Commandos (GEN)
2005-??-?? Titanic 2005 (NES)

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