LHX: Attack Chopper (DOS)

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LHX: Attack Chopper
LHX Attack Chopper - DOS.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1990
Developer: Electronic Arts, Inc.

LHX: Attack Chopper is a helicopter simulation with a strong arcade focus. You can freely choose which missions to fly first, and which helicopter to fly in a given mission. There are a total of four helicopters: Apache, Blackhawk, Osprey and LHX. With this fine selection of death machines you will engage countless enemy targets in Libya, East Germany and Vietnam throughout the game.


LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - Entering Name.png

Entering the name.

LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - The Map.png

Selecting the map and difficulty.

LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - Game Mode.png

Choosing game mode.

LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - Choppers.png

Choosing a helicopter.

LHX Attack Chopper - DOS - In Game.png

In the game.



The soundtrack were recorded using emulated sound hardware in DOSBox SVN Daum durning gameplay.

The AdLib recording starts with a 1, the Tandy recording starts with a 2, and the PC Speaker recording starts with a 3.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
101 Main Theme George SangerDavid Warhol 3:59
201 Main Theme George SangerDavid Warhol 3:15
301 Main Theme George SangerDavid Warhol 3:38


(Source - from official manual)

Game Rip



SNG (Electronic Arts).png



The music and drivers are contained in LHX2.LIB resource file which is compressed with an unknown LZ like compression algorithm.

WinHex and DOSBox were used to get uncompressed files directly from memory during actual gameplay.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Tandy 3 Voice.png


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Tandy 3 Voice.png

LHX: Attack Chopper has no sound configuration program, but it's possible to specify the needed device as an argument to executable file. PC Speaker is used by default.

To enable AdLib execute:

LHX.EXE adlibsound

To enable Tandy 3 Voice execute:

LHX.EXE tandysound

To enable PC Speaker execute:

LHX.EXE pcsound


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LHX Attack Chopper - DOS.jpg
Title: LHX: Attack Chopper
Platform: DOS
Released: 1990-??-??
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.