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Founded March 21, 1969
Headquarters Tokyo Midtown, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Website www.konami.com
Other Names Ultra Games

Konami (コナミ) is a Japanese game developer and publisher and has been one of the leading game companies to this day. Konami has been known for their classics such as the Castlevania and Contra series. They are also known for the famous Konami code which appears in many of their games (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A).

During the NES era, third-party developers were only limited to publishing five games a year. In order to produce more games a year, Konami created Ultra Games.


Music Development


Konami had three different sound drivers; the Vampire Killer variant, Hyperstone Heist variant, and Lethal Enforcers variant. Based on the various credits found in these games, the drivers were programmed by Atsushi Fujio and Osamu Kasai. Akira Soji and Hideto Inoue may have also worked on the variants based on various game credits.


The music was written in assembly. It is unknown who first created the sound engine, but the version used in most of their NES games was designed by Hidenori Maezawa, and many composers such as Jun Funahashi, Atsushi Fujio, and Kouji Murata either tweaked Hidenori's code as needed, or designed their own drivers from scratch. Sometimes the composer would be directly responsible for the in-game arrangements; otherwise, they would just write the music out in sheet form and have a programmer arrange it in-game.

Some Chinese and Taiwanese developers would later use Konami's sound engine (mainly Super Contra, Tiny Toon Adventures and TwinBee 3) such as Ren Yongming from Waixing or Han Ming Liao from Gamtec.


Their earliest SNES titles used a largely unaltered version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound driver. Atsushi Fujio later made some tweaks to this driver to create the version that was used for most of their subsequent SNES titles.

Audio Personnel

These composers/sound designers worked at Konami: