Kevin Bateson

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Kevin Bateson
Born Unknown
Birth Place UK
Nationality British   UK.svg
Aliases Kevin B, Kev B, Enigma Variations, Dark Techs

Kevin Bateson is a British composer who composed music and sound for Dark Technologies. Because he only received few music credits, little is known about him.

Music Development


Kevin Bateson used a sound driver created by David Whittaker, in which the music was written in assembly language. However, Whittaker never gave his sound engine to Dark Technologies, so the company ended up reverse-engineering his sound engine, but it is unknown which game they reverse-engineered to get his sound engine.


The beta of Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday (SNES), originally used David Whittaker's driver, but when the game, along with other Sunsoft properties were sold to Acclaim, they ended up using the SLICK/Audio driver.


Kevin sent MIDI files, and converted to the GEMS driver. Unfortunately, no games composed by Kevin for the Genesis exist, since they were unreleased.


Released Title Sample Notes
1992-??-?? Alien Olympics 2044 AD (GB)
1994-05-25 The Lion King (NES) Arranged film score.
1994-12-?? The Flinstones (GB) Composer?
1994-12-08 The Lion King (GB) Arranged film score.
1995-??-?? Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday (SNES) With Jez Taylor.
Unreleased Yogi Bear's Goldrush (GG)