Kenzou Kumei

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Kenzou Kumei
Kenzou Kumei - 1.jpg
Local 粂井謙三 (くめい けんぞう)
Born 1960?
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases だんじり だんじり くむくむ (Danjiri Danjiri Kumukumu)

Kenzou Kumei is a Japanese musician. He composed music for Thinking Rabbit. He is best known for composing the soundtrack to the NES game 8 Eyes.

Music Development


For his NES music, Kenzou probably wrote the music on sheet music paper, which was given to Thinking Rabbit for their programmers to implement into the game.


Released Title Sample
1986-07-30 Namida no Soukoban Special (FDS) (涙の倉庫番スペシャル) Composer?
1987-09-25 Kyonshies 2 (FC) (キョンシーズ2)
1988-09-27 8 Eyes (NES) (エイトアイズ)
1989-11-20 Perfect Soko-ban (PC98)