Kenta Cho

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Kenta Cho
Local 超健太 (ちょう けんた)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Kenta Cho is a Japanese amateur game designer and programmer who works professionally as an Informatics researcher. He has written several games under his publishing "company" ABA Games and composed the music to them all. His best known work is probably Tumiki Fighters, because his concept was later used in the game Blast Works: Built, Trade Destroy.


Released Title Sample
2001-11-10 Wok (W32)
2002-11-03 Noiz2sa (W32)
2003-03-16 rRootage (W32)
2003-09-20 A7Xpg (W32)
2003-11-29 Parsec47 (W32)
2004-04-03 Tumiki Fighters (W32)
2004-11-11 Torus Trooper (W32)
2005-06-18 Gunroar (W32)
2006-03-18 Mu-cade (W32)
2006-12-09 Titanion (W32)
2009-??-?? DefeatMe (WEB)