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| [[Leading Jockey: Highbred (PS1)]]
| [[Leading Jockey: Highbred (PS1)]]
| Sound Effects
| Sound Designer

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Kenichi Mori
Local 森 賢一 (もり けんいち)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases K. Mori, Vancl,(株)ヴァンクル (Vancle Co. Ltd.),(株)バンクル (Vancle Corporation), 株式会社ヴァンクル (Vancle Corporation)

Kenichi Mori is a Japanese sound designer who worked for various companies including for Data East, Technos Japan Corp. and Riot. Around 1991, he founded Vancle Co. Ltd., which specialized for video game sound effects. The company is still operate, but long ago not in the video game industry.


Released Title Sample Notes
1985-08-?? Road Blaster (ARC) (ロードブラスター) Sound Effects Editor
1986-??-?? Road Blaster (MSX) (ロードブラスター) Sound Effects Editor
1987-??-?? Double Dragon (ARC) (ダブルドラゴン) Sound Effects
1988-??-?? China Gate (ARC) Sound Effects
1990-??-?? The Combatribes (ARC) (コンバットライブス) Sound Effects
1992-03-19 Mugen Senshi Valis (TGCD) (夢幻戦士ヴァリス: The Legend Of A Fantasm Soldier) Sound Effects
1992-07-24 Pop'n Magic (TGCD) (ぽっぷ'nまじっく) Sound Effect Production
1992-09-04 Travel Epule (TGCD) (TRAVEL・エプル) Sound Effects
1992-09-22 Exile: Wicked Phenomenon (TGCD) (エグザイルII ~邪念の事象~) Sound Effects
1992-12-11 Psycho Dream (SFC) (サイコドリーム) Sound Effects
1992-12-23 The Combatribes (SNES) (コンバットライブス) Sound Effects
1992-12-25 Xak I + II (TGCD) (サークI・II) SFX Production
1993-03-26 Tenshi no Uta II: Datenshi no Sentaku (TGCD) (天使の詩2 堕天使の選択) Sound Effect Production
1993-06-25 A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen (SCD) (Aランクサンダー 誕生編) Sound Effects
1993-07-30 Cyborg 009 (SCD) (サイボーグ009) Sound Effects
1993-08-20 The Great Pyramid (LASR) Music Selection
1994-12-02 Strahl (3DO) (シュトラール 秘められし七つの光) Special Thanks
1996-10-10 Leading Jockey: Highbred (PS1) Sound Designer