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| Name        = Ken Hedgecock
| Name        = Ken Hedgecock
| Picture    = Khedgecock1.jpg
| Picture    = Khedgecock1.jpg
| Born        = November 7, 19??
| Born        = November 7, 1953
| BirthPlace  = Cedar City, Utah
| BirthPlace  = Cedar City, Utah
| Nationality = American
| Nationality = American

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Ken Hedgecock
Born November 7, 1953
Birth Place Cedar City, Utah
Nationality American   USA.svg
Website http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1494723478#!/profile.php?id=517962835&v=info

Ken Hedgecock is an American composer and musician. The only game he worked on was Spot: The Video Game for the NES. Ken attended the Golden West College of 1974 for music.

Music Development

According to Ken, he used a piece of software developed by Yamaha, but he does not remember the name of the software. Graeme Devine had said something about converting Ken's music to AdLib Visual Composer for the game.

Coincidentally, the game also uses Sculptured Software's sound engine by Ken Moore.


Released Title Sample
1990-09-?? Spot: The Video Game (NES) (スポット)