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| Composer?/Arranger?
| Composer?/Arranger?
| 199
| 1990-11-09
| [[Trump Boy II (GB)]] (トランプボーイⅡ)
| [[Trump Boy II (GB)]] (トランプボーイⅡ)
| Composer?/Arranger?
| Composer?/Arranger?

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Katsuhiko Sadamoto
Local 定本 克彦 (さだもと かつひこ)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases K.Sadamoto

Katsuhiko Sadamoto is a Japanese game developer. He worked for Thinking Rabbit. Because he was credited for programming, and credited in one game for sound effects, it is believed he programmed Thinking Rabbit's sound engine. However, this remains to be verified.


  • Note: Katsuhiko is credited in Jikai Shounen: Met Mag as a programmer. The game does not contain any kind of audio credits. There is also a "Sadamon" credited in Trump Boy, which also lacks audio credits. However, most if not all the music in the game is public domain pieces.
Released Title Platform
1987-07-03 Jikai Shounen: Met Mag (FDS) (磁界少年 メット・マグ) Composer?
1988-12-13 Fighting Road (FC) (ファイティング・ロード) Sound Effect
1990-03-29 Trump Boy (GB) (トランプボーイ) Composer?/Arranger?
1990-11-09 Trump Boy II (GB) (トランプボーイⅡ) Composer?/Arranger?