Kaeru Taniguchi

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Kaeru Taniguchi
Local たにぐち かえる
Birth Place ??
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Kwaeru, Kaeru.T

Kaeru Taniguchi is a Japanese programmer who worked at Nova. He programmed the sound engines for most of the game consoles the company developed for including the TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Genesis. These drivers were mostly used by Norihiko Togashi.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-09-28 Final Blaster (PCE) (ファイナルブラスター) Sound Program
1990-10-19 Burning Force (GEN) (バーニングフォース) Sound Program
1990-12-11 Märchen Maze (PCE) (メルヘンメイズ) Music Program
1991-08-09 Battle City (GB) (バトルシティー) Sound Driver?