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Founded May 1988
Closed February 2007
Headquarters Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Other Names KID Corporation

KID (Kindle Imagine Develop) was a Japanese game developer founded by Hisayoshi Ichikawa. They developed a great deal of arcade games as well as console games. In 1996, the company starting working on bishojo games. In November 2006, the company filed for bankruptcy. In February 2007, CyberFront obtained the rights to the company. Some of the staff members went on to create 5pb where they eventually obtained most of the rights for their bishojo games. The company had a relatively small development staff, consisting of around 50 employees.


Music Development


The music was written in MML on a PC98 computer and then compiled. The company used two sound drivers; one by an unknown programmer (possibly Hisayoshi Ichikawa) and a second one by Kunihito Hiramatsu.


The music was typed in Music Macro Language on the PC98. The SNES PCM data was converted from Mac to PC98. The instruments were taken from a KORG 01 keyboard. In Battle Grand Prix, the composers used the instruments from Yusuke Takahama's Roland U-220.

Audio Personnel