Jugo Sasaki

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Jugo Sasaki
Local (ささき じゅうご)
Born 19??-??-??
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Jugo Sasaki is a Japanese composer. Little is known about them, as they were only credited in one game.

The name may be a possible alias for Saburo Sasaki.


Released Title Sample
1999-09-03 Kisekae Monogatari (GBC) (きせかえ物語)
2001-03-23 Kisekae Series 2: Oshare Nikki (GBC) (きせかえシリーズ② おしゃれ日記)
2001-12-21 Kisekae Series 3: Kisekae Hamster (GBC) (きせかえシリーズ③ きせかえハムスター)