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| Local      =  
| Local      =  
| Picture    =  
| Picture    =  
| Born        =  
| Born        = 1959
| BirthPlace  = Barcelona, Spain
| BirthPlace  = Barcelona, Spain
| Nationality = Spanish
| Nationality = Spanish
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'''''Joan Sanmarti''''' is a Spanish composer who worked for [[Galeco]].

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Joan Sanmarti
Born 1959
Birth Place Barcelona, Spain
Nationality Spanish   Spain.svg
Website www.joansanmarti.com

Joan Sanmarti is a Spanish composer who worked for Galeco.


Alberto says that he composed the music to all Bit Managers games with only a couple exceptions; In Radikal Bikers, he only programmed the sound driver and the audio was taken from the arcade. The arcade Bang! was done by Gaelco's in-house composer Joan Sanmarti. It is currently unknown if any Bit Masters games lack credits.




1991-??-?? Master Boy (ARC) Composer?
1993-01-01 World Rally Championship (ARC)
1994-??-?? Alligator Hunt (ARC)
1998-??-?? Radikal Bikers (ARC)
2002-02-18 Smashing Drive (GC)
2004-03-?? Tokyo Cop (ARC)
Unreleased Xor World (ARC)