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{{Infobox Composer
{{Infobox Composer
| Name        = Joan Sanmarti
| Name        = Joan Sanmarti Serra
| Local      =  
| Local      =  
| Picture    = Joan_Sanmarti_-_1.jpg
| Picture    = Joan_Sanmarti_-_1.jpg
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'''''Joan Sanmarti''''' is a Spanish composer who worked for [[Gaelco S.A.]].
'''''Joan Sanmarti Serra''''' is a Spanish composer who worked for [[Gaelco S.A.]].

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Joan Sanmarti Serra
Joan Sanmarti - 1.jpg
Born April 7, 1959 (age 59)
Birth Place Barcelona, Spain
Nationality Spanish   Spain.svg
Website www.joansanmarti.com

Joan Sanmarti Serra is a Spanish composer who worked for Gaelco S.A..


Released Title Sample
1991-??-?? Master Boy (ARC) Composer?
1992-??-?? Thunder Hoop (ARC)
1993-02-?? World Rally Championship (ARC)
1994-04-?? T.H. Strikes Back (Thunder Hoop 2) (ARC)
1994-05-?? Target Hits (ARC)
1994-12-?? Alligator Hunt (ARC)
1996-12-?? Speed Up (ARC) (With Josep Quingles & Enric Vives)
1998-??-?? Bang! (ARC)
1998-05-18 Radikal Bikers (ARC)
1999-??-?? Rolling eX.tre.me: street luge (ARC)
2000-12-10 Smashing Drive: NYC - IIxM (ARC) (With Tomas Lorenzo)
2002-02-?? ATV Track: Quads on Amazon (ARC)
2003-03-?? Tokyo Cop: Special Police Reinforcement (ARC) (With Albert Aguilar)
Unreleased Xor World (ARC) Composer?

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