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SimCity - SNES - Information.png
Composer Soyo Oka
Arranger Soyo Oka
Released 1991-08-01
Length 0:31
Format SPC.png
Game SimCity (SNES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Information is played during two major categories of events. The first is when Dr. Wright gives you a tip on how to build a better city, the second is when you're presented a special building. In the game, each event begins with a different fanfare, and then plays the Information tune. The recording on this site excludes the fanfares, but you can hear them from the ripped tracks "11 - Dr Wright's Tip.spc" and "12 - Bonus.spc". The fanfares should be isolated and recorded separately. Soyo Oka should be contacted for an official title.