Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj

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Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj
Composer Semen Klimovski
Released 17??-??-??
Title Origin Official

Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj (Ukrainian: Їхав козак за Дунай, translation: The Cossack Rode beyond the Danube) is a Ukrainian folk song. It was arranged and renamed by several other classical composers, especially Ludwig van Beethoven from 1816 to 1819.


Air russe and Schöne Minka.


Most variations are in 2/4 and A minor.


Frank Bruno's Boxing (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Frank Bruno's Boxing (C64)
Arranger Mark Cooksey
Programmer Unknown
Released 1985-09-??
BPM 112
Format SID
Loops No

When you enter a corresponding EVBA membership code, "BOXER 3" loads. Afterwards, or upon replay, his faux Russian name Andra Puncharedov appears, Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj plays once, and finally, you enter the ring.

This arrangement is in G minor, at 434 Hz, and sounds the same on every SID chip. In the rip, it is track 4.

Avoid the Noid (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Avoid the Noid (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Avoid the Noid - DOS - Floors 10-12.png
Arranger Unknown
Programmer Unknown
Released 1989-??-?? (OPL2), 1990-01-??
Length 0:48.56 (OPL2), 1:23.98 (PC Speaker)
BPM 0:00.00: 107
0:17.93: 155
0:30.31: 191
0:40.36: 227 (OPL2)
0:00.00: 137
0:28.12: 182
1:09.64: 273 (PC Speaker)
Format UNK
Loops Yes

When you ascend from floor 9 to 10, or descend from floor 13 to 12, Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj loops. It pauses as the close-up Noid appears, and restarts (version 1.0) or resumes (version 1.1) as the floors reappear.

The OPL2 arrangement is identical to Beethoven's "10 National Airs with Variations, Op.107" from 1820, except that the last bar is simpler. All 5 voices use Ad Lib's ORGAN1 instrument at 75% volume, except for the highest treble note at 90%. It was recorded from the game on a real Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740.

The PC Speaker arrangement includes only the highest treble note, and each tempo twice. It is a bit faulty, since the last note in bar 7 is repeated and almost all quarters are too short. The gamer can toggle between legato and staccato, and both were recorded using a microphone.