Humphrey (C64)

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Humphrey - C64 - UK.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1983
Developer: David Whittaker

Humphrey is an action game where you control a man who tries to change to color of a pyramid of blocks by jumping on them while avoiding monsters, essentially a clone of Q*Bert (ARC).

Interestingly, the game was programmed entirely by composer David Whittaker, with music also written by him. This probably was his first attempt in computer industry.


Humphrey - C64 - Instructions.png

Some gameplay instructions.

Humphrey - C64 - Level 1.png

The first level. Monster will try to kill me, but he won't be able to, all right?

Humphrey - C64 - Level 1 Finish.png

I turned all yellow blocks in blue color and I'm still alive.

Humphrey - C64 - Level 2.png

Level 2 is unfair a bit because I hardly can dodge the monster.

Humphrey - C64 - Level 2 Died.png

Monster got me and I've lost one life.

Humphrey - C64 - Game Over.png

Finally lost all three lives.


The music has a length of only 32 notes, but it has very good quality for 1983 year in Commodore 64 platform (in these days BASIC music was still popular). Also it's interesting that the original SID file has only 610 bytes, even with header!

The music loops over the instructions and the starting screen selection, and plays once over the winning of the level and game over. The tempo is moderate at the instructions, and twice as high everywhere else.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Humphrey (Title) David Whittaker 0:23
02 Humphrey (Small) David Whittaker 0:03



While David was the programmer, he was also the composer and the arranger of original music.

Game Rip






The first track was recorded using the original SID file with SID Decoder. The second was get while compressing of the first recording twice without the change of pitch. 6581 filter was disabled, so it results to the best sounding of the music, however, it's unknown how close it is to the sounding meant by Whittaker.

Ripping Commodore 64 music is hard process so it's beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices

The game uses the standard Commodore 64 MOS Technology 6581 chip.


  UK.svg   UK
Humphrey - C64 - UK.jpg
Title: Humphrey
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1983-??-??
Publisher: Mr. Micro Ltd.