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Output - OPL2.svg
Composer Dan Froelich
Arranger Dan Froelich
Released 1994-??-??
Length 1:23
Format CMF.png
Game Xargon (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Huge is the song from Xargon. It is used during the final levels of each episode: Reactor of "Beyond Reality" (episode one), Reactor of "The Secret Chamber" (episode two) and "Xargon" of "Xargon's Fury" (episode three).

The song is contained in the three files: SONG_32.XR1, SONG_32.XR2 and SONG_32.XR3 (the last digit in the file extensions is the number of the episode using the song). All the three files are identical.

Xargon - DOS - Reactor Episode 1.png

Xargon - DOS - Reactor Episode 2.png

Xargon - DOS - Xargon.png