Hitoshi Saito

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Hitoshi Saito
Hitoshi Saito - 1.jpg
Local 斉藤 仁 (さいとう ひとし)
Born 1967-05-14 (Age 50)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases H. Saito
Website c-fin.jp/inc/composer/saito/

Hitoshi Saito is a Japanese composer who has been creating music since 1988, scoring over 1000 songs. He started off composing and arranging music along with Masaki Iwamoto. The two worked for Pack-In-Video and composed the music for a couple of their games. In 1997, he was a part of a project called "Arc〜en〜Ciel".


Released Title Sample
1989-09-29 Thunderbirds (NES)
1989-12-01 Future Wars: Lios (FC)
1989-12-22 Battleship (GB) (海戦ゲーム ネイビーブルー)
1990-12-07 Navy Blue 90 (GB) (海戦ゲーム ネイビーブルー90)
1991-01-25 Gakuraito TDF2 (ROM2) (ガクライトTDF2) Sound Effect