Hiroshi Kimura

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Hiroshi Kimura
Hiroshi Kimura - 1.jpg
Local 木村 浩 (きむら ひろし)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Hiroshi
Website http://blog.livedoor.jp/bossa66/

Hiroshi Kimura is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked for Irem.


Released Title Sample
1991-07-13 Super R-Type (SNES) (スーパー・アールタイプ)
1992-10-?? The Irem Skins Game (SNES) (メジャータイトル)
1992-12-18 Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker (TGCD) (イメージ・ファイト2)