Highly Advanced

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Highly Advanced
Player - Highly Advanced.png
Creator CaitSith2, Zoopd, kode54
Released ?
Platform foobar2000, Winamp
Website caitsith2.com/gsf

Highly Advanced is a plugin for foobar2000 and Winamp which adds the ability to play Game Boy Advance music files, the GSF format (MINIGSF and GSFLIB). The Winamp plugin, written by CaitSith2 and Zoopd, is the original, though the foorbar2000 plugin, written by kode64, seems to be the better of the two. The sound quality is pretty much the same as VIOGSF.


Version Download Platform
3.0.7 Download - (info) foobar2000
0.11 Download - (info) Winamp