Hidehito Aoki

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Hidehito Aoki
Local 青木 秀仁 (あおき ひでひと)
Born 1970
Birth Place Chiba, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died 2002 (Aged 32)
Aliases Abusan
Website Unknown

Hidehito Aoki was a Japanese composer and sound designer from Chiba, Japan. He started working at Atlus in 1989 as a sound designer, and he ended up working on music and sound effects instead, most notably working on several titles in the popular Megami Tensei series. He even paid a visit to Abbey Road Studios together with Tsukasa Masuko during the production of Shin Megami Tensei II. Aoki left Atlus in 2001 and then worked for Sony Computer Entertainment. Unfortunately, while he was on his way to a business trip in 2002, he was driving on an ice-covered mountain, in which his car lost control and he ended up falling to his death.

Music Development


Wacky Races was the only NES game that Hidehito composed. He wrote the music in assembly using Tsukasa Masuko's sound driver.


Released Title Sample
1991-04-05 Quiz Marugoto the World (PCE) (クイズまるごとTheワールド プレイ1)
1991-08-02 Amazing Tater (GB) (パズルボーイⅡ)
1991-12-25 Wacky Races (NES) (チキチキマシン猛レース-)
1991-??-?? Somer Assault (TG16) (メソポタミア)
1992-03-27 Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race (GB) (チキチキマシン猛レース-)
1992-04-24 Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchu Tantei Divan Kanketsu Hen (PCE) (雀偵物語2 宇宙探偵ディバン完結編)
1992-04-24 Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchu Tantei Divan Shutsudo Hen (PCE) (雀物語2 宇宙探偵ディバン出動篇)
1993-09-?? Super Widget (SNES) Special Thanks
1994-01-28 Majin Tensei (SFC) (魔神転生)
1994-10-14 Power Instinct (SNES) (豪血寺一族)
1995-02-19 Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis (SFC) (魔神転生II SPIRAL NEMESIS)
1995-12-15 Seijuu Maden: Beasts & Blades (SFC) (聖獣魔伝ビースト&ブレイド)
1996-09-20 Revelations: Persona (PS1) (女神異聞録ペルソナ)
2001-03-06 Extermination (PS2) (エクスターミネーション)