Hi Octane (DOS)

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Hi Octane
Platform: DOS
Year: 1995
Developer: Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.
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Hi Octane is a futuristic racing game where the vehicles hover above the ground.


Hi Octane - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Hi Octane - DOS - Level 1.png

Early in level 1.



Issue - Incomplete.svg

This recording is incomplete.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Hi Octane Intro 2 Russell Shaw 0:00 Download
02 Hi Octane Game 1 Russell Shaw 0:00 Download
03 Hi Octane Game 2 Russell Shaw 0:00 Download
04 Hi Octane Game 3 Russell Shaw 0:00 Download
05 Hi Octane Game 4 Russell Shaw 0:00 Download

The song titles reflect the filenames of the original XMI files. Only General MIDI songs have been listed, but it might be worth recording the other four versions if they are significantly different.


(Missing Source)

Game Rip



XMI.png MIDI.png



Despite the filenames suggesting formats like ROL, the music files are all in XMI format thanks to the use of the AIL library. Probably the actual XMI file played depends on the audio device, although apart from instrument and octave changes, the songs appear to be otherwise identical. The songs were extracted using Ripper6 and named according to the filenames in SOUNDS\MUSIC.DAT. Conversions to MIDI were made using XMI2MID.

Audio Devices