Great Strategy (FC)

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Great Strategy
Daisenryaku - FC.jpg
Platform: Famicom
Year: 1988
Developer: Bothtec

Great Strategy (大戦略 Daisenryaku) is one of the first strategy games released for the Famicom. You control an army of tanks and other heavy artillery and must defeat the opponent. You can either play as the red or blue team. There are 30 different maps you can play, which take place in different parts of the world.


Daisenryaku - FC - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Daisenryaku - FC - Gameplay 1.png

Viewing the main menu.

Daisenryaku - FC - Gameplay 2.png

Viewing the map.

Daisenryaku - FC - Gameplay 3.png

In combat.

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Daisenryaku has a very short soundtrack, even for 1988 as there's only three songs. They are ported from the PC88 game Revolter by Masaharu Iwata, in which he programmed a sound driver and wrote the music in 6502 assembly. You will want to turn the music off in-game because it's the same thing repeated within a few seconds. The game's song titles come from the game's sound test, though the title and ending songs are in Japanese katakana.


# TitleJapanese title ComposerArrangerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Titleタイトル Hitoshi SakimotoMasaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 3:34
02 B.G.M. Hitoshi SakimotoMasaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 0:53
03 Endingエンディング Hitoshi SakimotoMasaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:59


(Source: [1], Verification from Hitoshi Sakimoto; Game lacks credits.)

Because this is an early game, there are no credits. We have contacted Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata who have verified that Sakimoto's soundtrack from Revolver (PC88) was ported to this game by Iwata.

Game Rip





Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site. Sound effects are included in this rip. The music was recorded using VirtuaNSF.

Audio Devices

Daisenryaku uses the standard NES Ricoh RP2A03 sound chip.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Daisenryaku - FC.jpg
Title: 大戦略 (Daisenryaku) (Great Strategy)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1988-10-11
Publisher: Bothtec