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Output - OPL2.svg
Composer Dan Froelich
Arranger Dan Froelich
Released 1992-??-??
Length 1:45.59
Format CMF.png
Game Jill of the Jungle (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Funky is the song from Jill of the Jungle series, which has a rapid percussion that persists through the entirety and a reserved melody.

Funky was composed in AdLib Visual Composer as a ROL file, but was converted to CMF using the program ROL to CMF.

The title comes from the file name, but Dan Froelich explained that the file names were in fact the proper full titles. The file in the game folder is named Funky.ddt.

From a technical standpoint, this song uses OPL rhythm mode extensively due to the aforementioned rapid percussion. For this reason it is an excellent test piece when checking the accuracy of a CMF player. It also contains some velocity changes which cause the percussion to sound noticeably different, and the song fades out at the end, all of which is ignored by the official Creative CMF player.


Jill of the Jungle (DOS)

In the first game of the series Funky plays at the main menu, during the demo, in the map hub, and in "Arg's Dungeon" (level 8).

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Main Menu.png

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Demo.png

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Map.png

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Level 8.png

Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom (DOS)

Onesimus - DOS - Map.png

In Onesimus Funky plays during a level selection (map hub).

The file in the game folder is named SONG5.ARK.