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Fumito Tamayama
Fumito Tamayama - 3.png
Local 玉山詩人 (たまやま ふみと)
Born November 27, 1967 (Age 51)
Birth Place Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Dosukoi(Bakkin)Tamayama, Bakkin Tamayama, Tamachan, F.Tamayama, Tama Tamayama, Batsunen Tamashikabane, M.C. Tamar, Fumihito Tamayama, Patsukin Tamayama

Fumito Tamayama (born on November 27, 1967) is a Japanese sound designer and composer. He attended Nihon University High School. He started working for Graphic Research in April 1989. There, he created the sound drivers for their Famicom games. He stayed there until he quit in March of 1991. A month after, Tamayama started working for Tamusofuto, Inc. and composed music there. In July of 1995, he founded the music group Studio Cliche, which composed music for some Game Boy Advance and PlayStation 1 and 2 games. The company wasn't doing too good and later was disbanded sometime after 2003. He then went on to worked for Fleur, Co., a company which produced an eroge game and they later was disbanded as well. Tamayama currently works for Traffic Content, Ltd., still composing music and sound for video games.

Tamayama's most memorable work was for the games he composed for the Sega Genesis including Decap Attack, Socket, and Battle Mania Daiginjō.

In the unreleased NES game Secret Ties, he is credited as "Dosukoi (Bakkin) Tamayama". Fumito says this was used as a joke, the word "kintama" in Japanese translates to "testicles".

Music Composition


I used MML programming.


Like his Genesis music, Fumito programmed his music in MML using the sound driver that he and Yasuyuki Hamada created. He wrote the music on MS-DOS using TSR program. Then he used MIDI with a YM2203 chip (OPN) to play back his compositions.


These games have been verified to have been composed by Tamayama via his old website: [1].

Released Title Sample
1989-??-?? Psycho Fox (SMS) One song
1989-11-24 Vegas Connection: With Love from Casino (FC) (ベガスコネクション カジノより愛をこめて) Sound Driver
1990-04-27 Psy-O-Blade (GEN) (サイオブレード) One song
1990-05-25 Betting Victory Science: Gate In (FC) (馬券必勝学 ゲートイン)
1990-08-24 Power Mission (GB) (パワー・ミッション)
1990-12-07 Power Racer (GB) (ヘッド―オン)
1990-12-15 Decap Attack (GEN)
1991-03-29 Gem Gem (GB) (ジェム ジェム)
1991-04-19 Super Golf (GG) (スーパーゴルフ)
1991-07-05 Baseball Fighter (FC) (ベースボールファイター)
1991-07-21 Koi wa Kakehiki (GB)
1991-10-18 Xerd no Densetsu (GB)
1991-12-20 Asmik-kun Land (FC) Sound Driver
1992-03-27 Captain Tsubasa VS (GB)
1992-11-?? Widget (NES) Music arranging
1992-12-27 J-League Fighting Soccer (GB)
1992-??-?? Secret Ties (NES) Unreleased
1993-02-19 Xerd no Densetsu II (GB)
1993-06-19 J-League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers (FC) Sound Driver
1993-07-17 Socket (GEN)
1993-12-25 Battle Mania Daiginjo (GEN)
1994-03-18 Derby Jockey (SFC) Music Director
1994-03-25 Lucle (GB)
1994-05-27 J-League Winning Goal (FC) Sound Driver
1994-06-30 Samurai Shodown (GB)
1995-06-16 Pretty Fighter X (SAT)
1995-10-06 Shinseiki Odysselya 2 (SFC)
1995-12-01 Space Invaders: Virtual Collection (VB)
1995-??-?? Hotdog Storm (ARC) Sound Driver
1996-01-26 Stahlfeder: Tetsukou Hikuuddan (PS1)
1996-11-22 FIST (PS1)
1998-03-01 Choro Q Jet: Rainbow Wings (PS1)
2000-03-10 Doraemon Memories: Nobita no Omoide Daibouken (GBC) Sound Driver
Unreleased Raster Gear (FC)
Unreleased Shounen Majutsushi Indy (FC) Sound Driver

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