Final Dungeon

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Final Dungeon
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Final Fantasy - NES - Final Dungeon.png
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Toshiaki Imai
Released 1987-12-18
Length 0:26
Format NSF.png
Game Final Fantasy (NES)
Title Origin Translation
Loops Yes

Final Dungeon plays in the dungeon beneath the Chaos Temple where you have to defeat the evil knight Garland in the form of Chaos.


There isn't an official English release of the song. The Japanese title uses kanji, 海底神殿 (Kaitei Shinden). Kaitei is a Japanese word used to refer to the bottom of the ocean, and shinden means "temple." Interesting, rather than refer to this song as "Temple At the Bottom of the Sea," it is usually called "Final Dungeon," since it is played at the end of the game. Based on the title, it sounds like the music was originally meant to be played in the Ocean Shrine, but the Ocean Shrine play the Chaos Temple music. This may have been a mix up on behalf of the programmers or a localization mix up. Someone should check the Japanese version of the game and see if the music is used in the Ocean Shrine.

Album Appearances

This song appears on a couple albums.

Released Album Title (Romaji) Translation Version Track
1989-02-28 All Sounds of Final Fantasy I-II 海底神殿 (Kaitei Shinden) Undersea Shrine Original NES 11
2002-10-23 Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II: Original Soundtrack 海底神殿 (Kaitei Shinden) Ocean-Floor Temple PS1 Remake 1.13

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