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Founded 1988-10-??
Closed 2012-12-06
Headquarters Derby, England, UK

Eurocom was an English game developer, founded by Mat Sneap, Chris Shrigley, Hugh Binns, Tim Rogers, and Neil Baldwin. They are known for their many movie adaptations of video games including Disney's The Jungle Book, Hercules, and The World Is Not Enough. They have both developed several original titles, as well as ported games to other consoles, most notably Cruis'n World for the Nintendo 64.

On November 23, 2012, most of the company's staff was dropped, and the company stated it would be focusing on mobile games. Shortly after on December 6, 2012, the company closed its doors.

Music Development


Neil Baldwin, with the help of Eurocom programmer Tim Rogers programmed a sound driver for the NES. Neil had previously programmed a sound driver for the Commodore 64. Neil explained that when Eurocom was developing for the NES, they had received photocopied documents for the Famicom in Japanese, so they had to figure out the console on their own. However, there were two Japanese women they hired who were able to translate the documents. Neil said that though he liked to compose on the NES, he didn't quite like how its RP2A03 sound chip was weaker than the Commodore 64's SID chip. Neil also programmed NTRQ, a piece of music tracker software for the NES. However, he never used it for the games he worked on.

To create music and sound effects, Neil wrote in assembler macros. Neil composed the music to all of Eurocom's NES games. The games James Bond Jr. and Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge also share a song.

The driver was licensed to Gremlin Graphics during the development of HeroQuest.

Audio Personell