Eric Iwasaki

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Eric A. Iwasaki
Eric Iwasaki - 1.jpg
Born Unknown
Birth Place United States
Nationality American   USA.svg

Eric Iwasaki is an American game designer and artist who has made significant contributions to the video game industry. In 1990, Eric attended the University of California for film and video production and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1994. In June 1990, he joined Western Technologies as an artist. While working there, he worked on the only game that he composed music for, Art Alive. He worked at Western until May 1994 and then started working at Adrenalin Entertainment and stayed there until October 1996. A month later, Eric started working at Naughty Dog where he worked on many infamous titles such as Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, and Crash Bandicoot. He left Naughty Dog in April 2009 and started working at Big Red Button Entertainment as an artist where he works to this day.

Music Composition


Eric may have used GEMS which was used is most American-developed Genesis games.


Released Title Sample
1985-??-?? Reflex Point (DOS) Composer?
1991-01-01 Art Alive (GEN) (アート アライブ)