Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus (AMI)

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Elvira II
Elvira II - AMI - UK.jpg
Platform: Amiga
Year: 1992
Developer: Horror Soft Ltd.
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Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus is a horror role-playing crawler in which you visit themed studios, similar to how you enter different museums in WaxWorks (AMI). It is the sequel of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (AMI).

In this game, you play as the actress Elvira's (unnamed) boyfriend. The studio she has been making a film at was built on grounds haunted by the demon Cerberus. The demon eventually awakens, invades the studio with hellish spawn and possessed giant film puppets, and kidnaps Elvira. It is up to the player to defeat Cerberus and save her.

The game is considered very challenging due both to the huge amount of combat and very hard puzzles. It was originally acclaimed for its ingenious magic system: the player crafts spells using items he found that correspond to certain criteria, for example, a brain-boosting spell requires an item capable of storing information. The player has to explore/think/fight his way through three locations where Elvira might be held prisoner, the two first spots found containing Elvira-like monsters instead.


Elvira II - AMI - Elvira's Appearance.png

Elvira's magic is in practical use.

Elvira II - AMI - Elvira's Room.png

Kleptomaniacally choosing stuff in the chaos of the room.

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The game's music is good, but probably not too fitting for the horror theme that this game possesses. It does offer some atmospheric tunes, but also plays some rock tracks. There are also 9 songs, many of which are pretty lengthy, so the music doesn't get too repetitive. The last two tracks are rerecordings of Syncapation and Hideaway respectively edited to have hidden music patterns re-enabled.

Philip Nixon wrote the music in ProTracker for the Commodore Amiga. Some of the songs in the Amiga version were used in the Atari ST version, in which he used software to convert his MOD files over to the Atari ST's PSG chip.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Elish (Elivatormix) Philip Nixon 2:28
02 Syncapation Philip Nixon 4:31
03 Oscilate Philip Nixon 4:31
04 Hideaway Philip Nixon 2:58
05 Bad Day Philip Nixon 4:36
06 Drugged Philip Nixon 4:46
07 Death Choir Philip Nixon 4:57
08 Runaway Philip Nixon 3:37
09 Breathing (Life) Philip Nixon 2:43
10 Syncapation, Extended Version Philip Nixon 5:17
11 Hideaway, Extended Version Philip Nixon 6:49



The Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS versions share the same audio credits, crediting both Jezz Woodroffe and Philip Nixon for music. However, Nixon stated that he wasn't involved with the DOS version, which features a completely different soundtrack. The Amiga and Atari ST soundtracks sound nothing like Jezz's style, and he wasn't known for composing music on the Commodore Amiga (although he did later on for Waxworks). Additionally, the Church track of the DOS version bears similarities with the Graveyard Death track of WaxWorks (DOS), for which Jezz was the sole credited composer. Therefore, Nixon only is attributed to the music.

The credits appear after waiting at the title screen.

Game Rip







  USA.svg   USA
Title: Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus
Platform: Amiga
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Accolade, Inc.
  UK.svg   UK
Elvira II - AMI - UK.jpg
Title: Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus
Platform: Amiga
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Accolade, Inc.

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Notable Personnel Dave Hasler • Jezz Woodroffe • Philip Nixon
Notable Companies Accolade • Adventure Soft