Electranoid (DOS)

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Platform: DOS
Year: 1994
Developer: Pixel Painters Corporation

Electranoid is a Breakout-style game meant to be like Arkanoid (NES). All the original features or Arkanoid are emulated, and a few new ones have been added. You control a paddle that rebounds the ball up to break the walls, and every so often capsules fall as bonuses. Capsules include the familiar: extend, slow, catch, disrupt, laser, break, 1up, etc. But there are also some additions like missile and shrink. Also, like Arkanoid, there are enemies that come from the top of the screen and mess up your ball's trajectory. It's a fun take on Arkanoid, but there isn't anything that special about it. There are cute animations at the beginning of each level, and in-between ball drops, but after you've seen them they become more annoying than entertaining.


Electranoid - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Electranoid - DOS - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Electranoid - DOS - Instructions.png

The point values for the various blocks.

Electranoid - DOS - Power Ups.png

The numerous power up capsules.

Electranoid - DOS - Game.png

Breaking some blocks.

Electranoid - DOS - Level 2.png

Isn't level two too pretty?.


The music for Electranoid is nice. It has the typical twang of FM synthesis, but it's fitting for the game.


Issue - Incomplete.svg

This recording is incomplete.


The recording will be posted when an FMF player is made available.


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Issue - Missing.svg

Source verification is needed.


Game Rip






The FMF files were ripped from the ENOID.RES file using Frenkel Smeijers' PPExt program. Files beginning with SB are for sound Blaster output, those beginning with PC are for PC Speaker output.

Audio Devices


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


Electranoid's setup is pretty basic. You either use a Sound Blaster compatible device for music and sound or a PC Speaker.


  USA.svg   USA
Title: Electranoid
Platform: DOS
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Pixel Painters Corporation