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People include anyone involved in the production of audio in the video game industry including composers, Foley artists, producers, directors, programmers, and so on. For an example of a page that meets the VGMPF standards, see Bobby Prince.

Name Capitalization

  • Typically, each word in a person's name should be capitalized: David Warhol.
  • Some cultures have portions of their name in lowercase which should be retained: Jeff van Dyck.
  • Some cultures have a name with a prefix, which is capitalized, followed, without a space, by the main name, which is also capitalized: Andi McGinty.
  • Names which are not written in a language which has capital letters should be transliterated to the Latin alphabet and written as though they do: Koji Kondo.


The following applicable sections should be include in a person's page.


Each person page should begin with a composer template which will include some basic information about the person as well as set some of the applicable categories. This template will be adjusted into a Person template in the future.

Local: The local spelling/writing of the composer's name. For example, Koji Kondo's name in Japanese is 近藤 浩治, so it should be added here. In Japanese, the hiragana of the composer's name (こんどう こうじ) should also be written beside the kanji. For European composers such as Peter Gosztola, his Hungarian name is Gosztola Péter, so it should be put in this field.

Aliases: Any pseudonyms, aliases, or pennames the composers were credited as in games. If in Japanese, put the Japanese text, followed by a translation in parentheses. Example: Kon-chan (こんちゃん).


For living composers, a more recent photo is preferred over an older photo, and a head-shot is preferred to a full-body shot. You may want to crop an existing photo to best showcase the person's face; though you should leave the original full picture in the picture gallery.

The file name of the picture included in the Infobox should be the same as the article's page name in order to make it easy to link to from other pages. For example, if the composer's article page name is Bobby Prince, the template image name should be Bobby Prince.jpg, even if his full name is Bobby Caskin Price, III.


A person's biography should cover their birth, introduction into music, education, employment, their influences, favorite past times, and death (if applicable). This is the page's primary section, so it does not have a header.

Audio Development

This section should include details of what devices the person used in the creation of their audio contributions (music, sound effects, etc.) including any instruments, recording equipment, software, audio drivers, etc.


This should be a table of every game where the person has contributed to the audio.


  • Games in the person's gameography should be sorted by date unless the composer is not primarily a video game music composer (for example, Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle), in which case games should be sorted by title.
  • Unreleased games, or games with unknown dates should be sorted based on their intended release dates or an estimate based on the release dates of similar ports. For example, an unreleased Commodore 64 game should be included after other Commodore 64 games, but before any Nintendo 64 Games.

Picture Gallery

A picture gallery of the composer should be included if there are any pictures of the composer. Each picture should include a brief description and the time when the photo was taken. The pictures should be in chronological order based on the person's life.


List any aliases the composer went by if applicable, and explain how the composers got their aliases/nicknames, if possible. See Manami Matsumae for an example.


Any links to websites related to the person should be included here. Official sites related to the person should always be included first, then authority sites like MobyGames and Wikipedia. Links to social media pages like Facebook or LinkedIn should be included next, then finally other sites like interviews or less-authoritative biographies.


Since the Composer Infobox only adds a person into the "People" and national categories, occupational categories must be added manually. These may include composers, Foley Artists, Sound Programmers, Producers, Audio Directors, etc. Please don't forget this!

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