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Album pages are for actual video game soundtracks that have been published. This includes physical albums as well as digital albums and may include amateur publications and remixes, but not original work (such as albums with music inspired by video games, but don't actually contain songs used in video games).


All of the following applicable sections should be included in an album's page.


Each album page should begin with an album template which will include some basic information about the album and set the page into the necessary categories.


The album's general description should give basic details about the album including its source games, its style (original game music, arrangements, remixes, etc.), and any other pertinent information.


If the album has multiple titles, or was released in a language other than English, include this section with information about the album's various titles.


This section should be a table of all of the tracks of the album ordered by track number. Each row should include the track number, the song title (linking to the song page), the composers, the arrangers (if necessary), and the track length. If the album includes songs from multiple games, include a game column between the title and composer.


This section should be an image gallery of any additional pictures or scans of the album. Try to include as much pictorial information as possible.


Any links to the album should be included here especially to authorities on the album like Video Game Music Data Base and Wikipedia.

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